Barre Lab Teacher training

About The Training

Barre Instructor Training at Barre Lab

The 55 hour training program is divided into 3 sections:

1) 15 hours of pre-training. All students are required to take at least 15 classes at BarreLab before starting the 50-hour instructor training.

2) 25 hours of intensive training (students must participate full hours)

a. 10 hours TOTALBARRE® Instructor training course

b. 15 hours of BarreLab program

3) 15 hours of post–training which includes planning and teaching mock classes, self study, attending and observing classes, QA with your trainer.


Barre Lab Duxton. 60B Duxton Road, Singapore 089524

Training dates

11-15 Feb 2019, 12.30-5.30PM

Practicum Examinations will be scheduled for February 18-22nd based on individual and trainer availabilities.


Must have taken at least 15 classes at Barre Lab prior to the start of the training program.

Should have a background in yoga, pilates and or ballet fitness or have taught  group fitness classes before.


Fun attitude

Certification and completion:

At Barre Lab instructor training, we offer a unique training program. This is a double certification training with one from the internationally well known Total Barre method and one from our own Barre Lab program.

Upon completion of the program:

Students will receive certificate from Merrithew International in Canada and a Barre Teaching Certificate from Barre Lab Program.

The course is beneficial to barre enthusiasts and fitness professionals alike, who want to deepen their knowledge of barre workout and potentially become a barre instructor at Barre Lab.


Day 1    12.30PM - 5.30PM    TotalBarre

Day 2    12.30PM - 5.30PM    TotalBarre

Day 3    12.30PM - 5.30PM    BarreLab Barre 101

Day 4    12.30PM - 5.30PM    BarreLab Barre Power

Day 5    12.30PM - 5.30PM    BarreLab Barre Stretch & QnA


Course Fee:$1200

Manual Fee: $120

Total Investment: $1320


About TotalBarre

Based on almost 30 years of developing safe and responsible exercise with STOTT PILATES®, our systematic approach to the TotalBarre® program provides the framework for building and modifying barre classes that emphasize the correct biomechanics of movement while increasing strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability.

TotalBarre Foundation Course Level 1

2 days (1.30-5.30PM)


Presented in a course format, the Foundation offers multiple layers of choreography along with detailed  biomechanical essences of the movements included. This detail ensures positive results and client safety and is designed to affect physical adaptations for all body types.

These layers combine with group progressions to move from an introductory class through to a high-level endurance workout. Increasing knowledge of movement sequences and body awareness progresses clients safely through the segments.

The Principles:

Adapted from the STOTT PILATES® Five Basic Principles, these biomechanically based body awareness fundamentals are integral to the effective teaching and practice of all Total Barre exercises and sequences. Students are introduced to the Total Barre 6 movement principles that provide the structure and biomechanical basis for each exercise.

The Structure:

The Total Barre Method includes 11 specially arranged and selected segments that serve as the template for each session or class. Each Total Barre class follows these 11 templates.


Barre Lab Method

Based on TotalBarre Foundation Level 1 course, BarreLab program provides specific class designed for students to teach classes offered at Barre Lab.

The training provides the groundwork for instructors, offering them to teach safe, fun and effective Barre Fitness program to every client.

The method is based on ballet foundation, principles of Pilates and the fluidity and mindfulness of yoga practice.

The movements involve around isotonic contraction and often times with isometric hold to intensify the workout. The method incorporates the use of props such as stability ball, sancbands, flexbands, sliders/gliders to assist and to intensify the movements.

As an instructor at Barre Lab, you should learn the client’s name and recognize their efforts during the class.  Form is important, at times correction of the alignment is appreciated. It’s advised that a client should attend barre classes 3-4 times a week.

Currently, Barre Lab offers 3 different types of classes : BARRE 101, BARRE POWER and BARRE STRETCH.

Let’s have fun and enjoy the journey of #DareToBarre together!

Barre 101

Barre 101 is a beginner class. These classes debunk the stereotype that barre classes are only for dancers. The classes focus on isometric movements and are easy to follow. The classes focus on the biomechanics and principles of TotalBarre program.

Barre Power

Building from Barre 101, the Barre Power class is a combination of cardio, strength and conditioning which focuses on building muscle endurance, total body-toning and sculpting. The class expands on Barre 101 by providing a higher level of body conditioning.  The class uses props to elevate the level of conditioning beyond Barre 101. The moves are choreographed to music. Expect to feel the burn, sweat and have fun in this high energy class. Prior barre classes experience is recommended before taking Barre Power class.

Barre Stretch

The classes focus on toning and lengthening major muscle groups. Combining precision of pilates and mindfulness of yoga, the classes focus on eccentric contraction of the muscles and some passive stretches.



Lead trainer for TotalBarre and Barre Lab Method


To Thicha, “Never give up” is a mantra she holds dear to her heart. It tells in her journey as a lifelong learner and teacher. Beyond being fully certified STOTT PILATES® level 1 & 2 in Mat and all apparatus, she is a STOTT PILATES® Lead Instructor Trainer, ZEN∙GA™ Instructor Trainer and a TotalBarre™ Instructor Trainer.

Thicha is also a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga practitioner, an Instructor Trainer for Antigravity® Aerial Yoga & Suspension Fitness and a certified GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Instructor.

To her students, she lends her enormous reservoir of energy, walking them through a robust journey filled with sweat and smiles every time.

To new instructors, she inspires them to use their offering to help their students, and she feels empowered in turn.


Cheryl has been in the fitness and dance industry since 1998. Her offering is inspired by her extensive experience which includes training and teaching at global fitness phenomenon Les Mills New Zealand, and working with athletes from the NZ White Ferns and the NZ Academy of Sport in sports specific conditioning and rehabilitative Yoga and Pilates.

Committed to improving her repertoire of skills and specialised knowledge so that she can deliver tailored experiences to her students, she never ceases to upgrade her education in the movement discipline. She is a certified Instructor with Les Mills New Zealand, Fitness Australia, REPs NZ, The ZUU®​, Barre Body Australia, Yoga Alliance (200 RYT: Pre/Post Natal and Kids Yoga) and FlyHighYogaTM. She has also danced for the Super Rugby Waikato Chiefs, Suzuki New Zealand and Fusion Dance Company.

Drawing from a plethora of rich traditions, she continues to share her passion for fitness and dance and finds great joy in being inspired by her students.



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