Amanda finds great inspiration from people who live a life of servitude and altruism. It is therefore no surprise that she gravitates towards the discipline of education. A Yoga teacher at Yoga Lab, her sweet-natured personality surfaces strongly in her conduct of her classes, and her cheery vibes provide a safe sanctuary for students to experiment in a playful but meticulous way.

She is also drawn towards invigorating workouts like spin, which gets her pumping with energy. She firmly believes that everyone has a reason to be alive, and a light to shine, and her particular pet peeve is when people dim their own light and talk themselves down. Her upbeat and amiable attitude towards life resonates strongly in her alcoholic drink of choice as well — martini d’asti.

And just like the sweet wine, her warm smile will draw a grin across your face amidst the burn of the workout.

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A champion of holistic wellness, Betty believes it to be important to dedicate time for yourself and get some respite from a hectic or sedentary lifestyle. Despite having to juggle her work, and family with two kids, she never fails to slip in a feel-good yoga class or kick ass Barre Lab class or two to invigorate her senses and galvanise her to be more productive in other facets of life. Always a deeply empathetic teacher, she holds space for her students, allowing them to ensconce themselves in the sanctuary of the class.

Despite her wealth of knowledge, Betty sees the world through a “beginner’s mind”, embracing an attitude of openness and acknowledges that she can learn something valuable from everyone around her, including her two cheeky bubs.

Betty loves working out her abs, and Barre Lab moves that endows her perky peach and toned lean arms. Don’t mistaken her fitness regimen as austerity, you can probably bribe her sweet tooth with some cakes!

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Cheryl has been in the fitness and dance industry since 1998. Her offering is inspired by her extensive experience which includes training and teaching at global fitness phenomenon Les Mills New Zealand, and working with athletes from the NZ White Ferns and the NZ Academy of Sport in sports specific conditioning and rehabilitative Yoga and Pilates.

Committed to improving her repertoire of skills and specialised knowledge so that she can deliver tailored experiences to her students, she never ceases to upgrade her education in the movement discipline. She is a certified Instructor with Les Mills New Zealand, Fitness Australia, REPs NZ, The ZUU®​, Barre Body Australia, Yoga Alliance (200 RYT: Pre/Post Natal and Kids Yoga) and FlyHighYogaTM. She has also danced for the Super Rugby Waikato Chiefs, Suzuki New Zealand and Fusion Dance Company.

Drawing from a plethora of rich traditions, she continues to share her passion for fitness and dance and finds great joy in being inspired by her students.

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A committed dancer from a young age, Clarissa appreciates the benefits she can draw from other movement disciplines. After kickstarting her barre journey, she began to realize how her lower back pains now hit her less frequently. Before, back pains left her unable to comfortably walk, run, sit, or stand for long periods of time. Having built stronger glutes, the pressure on her lower back is much relieved. She now feels stronger and more confident.

Witnessing people tread stranger lands — exploring things that can potentially fail — and embarking on journeys she has nary an idea where would bring her, gets her heart and creativity pumping. Despite her love for the interesting, she finds great value in the usuals — cats and cows are her favourite, and although they sound uninteresting, these spinal stretches get her body and mind ready for class.

Off the mat, you can probably find her listening to a good compilation of instrumentals or watching an episode of Peaky Blinders on Netflix.

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Whether it is Street Jazz, Burlesque, or Girls Hiphop, Debbie loves them all. Well-acquainted with Ballet since the tender age of 5, her penchant for movement has since blossomed to encompass not just other genres of dance but other disciplines like Pilates as well.

Currently the Community Manager at Breathe Pilates, she has also started her Pilates training with Breathe. Debbie is also TotalBarre(TM) certified, as well as a KKardio Dance Instructor. She firmly believes in recruiting a combination of various workouts to constantly challenge and strengthen both the Mind and the Body, and she canvasses her diverse experience in movement to give her students a practice of rich flavours.

Inspired by the beauty in movement, Debbie hopes to share her passion and empower her students to access the physical and mental benefits that movement bestows.

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A tenacious and bold leader herself, Jasmine is often inspired by strong women who refuse to allow life to harden them but instead empower themselves to subvert seemingly deterministic circumstances. She is not a stranger to pummelling against odds, making a difficult career change from a corporate job and establishing her own brand. She translates this to her instruction, leading her students through an empowering but healing practice each time she enters the studio.

Jasmine resonates with strong tastes and would love a cup of black coffee or sour plum drink any day. It is of no wonder that she relishes the burn in seated chair — perhaps a reflection of her gritty demeanour. In Jasmine’s classes, expect a mindful but strong practice accessible to all.

Beyond the studio, you might find her indulging in her not-so-occasional guilty pleasure — Bak Chor Mee.

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Leandra is deeply drawn to how the Barre Lab Method emphasises on healthy alignment and targeted isometric contractions of the different body parts without diluting the fun factor. Her favourite part of the sequence is the upper body workout — small, controlled movements and pulses that make her work up a big sweat. And she loves walking with her students on this journey inward and observing how the landscape of the terrains in their bodies transform with this strong practice.

An extremely patient teacher, few things can rile her save a cup of bad coffee. She constantly finds inspiration in her students — often through the little things — how they never stop trying despite being so tired; witnessing them reach a new peak in their practice; or simply seeing them show up to the practice. She understands most ladies may be worried about getting she-hulk arms, so her classes are designed in a way that will give you all the toning you’d need sans the bulk!

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Fond of negotiating with balance both in the movement discipline and in life, Nariko’s favourite Barre Lab move would be Attitude on releve, and her favourite movie Spirited Away indeed echoes this gorgeous fairy-tale like sentimentality. And she shares her love for the ethereal with her students, guiding them on their personal journey of physical and emotional growth by engaging in meaningful conversations with their own bodies.

A loveable instructor and an endearing daughter, she looks up to her mother as her inspiration. When she is not in the studio you might find her plugging in to some good jazz or contemporary music or playing computer games. She is not sedentary at all and dedicates time to work out her core as she believes it to be important to a healthy posture and pain free body.

Be warned! We hear it is not only her own core Nariko loves to workout.

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To Thicha, “Never give up” is not just an old shibboleth rolling off her tongue but a mantra she holds dear to her heart. She aspires to embody it just like her father has done. She lends her enormous reservoir of energy to her students, walking them through a robust journey filled with sweat and smiles every time.

She sometimes panders to her palate for refined but strong tastes — and would not refuse a glass of Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc. Much like her predilection for raw acidity, she loves the fire seated chairs with pulses give to her thighs, although she enjoys working her glutes the most.
Her choice of sweat is Barre classes at Barre Lab, so if you are looking for someone to initiate you on a sweat journey, you can’t go wrong with Thicha!

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