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The brainchild of Yoga Lab and Breathe Pilates, we created Barre Lab out of passion; a combination of safe and fun movements from different disciplines.

Choreographed with music and programmed for a full body workout. We have combined the techniques and precision of pilates, the gracefulness and elegance of ballet, and the mindfulness of yoga to provide you a vast array of barre classes.

There’ll never be a dull moment with us, raise the barre every time!


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  1. What is Barre?

    Barre is a total body workout. A ballet barre is used to perform small isometrics movements. It is an effective way to help burn fat, sculpt the body, and create long, lean and toned physiques. At Barre Lab we believe in offering a lifestyle of empowerment, not just a workout.

  2. How do I book for a class?

    If you are using the Mindbody mobile app, simply search for Barre Lab and start booking away!

    If you are using Mindbody web, visit us here. Kindly use the same login details for Yoga Lab Mindbody here. There’s no need to create a new account.

    Should you see “Register as Unpaid” although you have a non-unlimited Yoga Lab package with us or encounter any other problems, feel free to reach out to us at admin@yogalab.com

  3. How do I purchase a package?

    You can either do it over the counter at the studios themselves or visit here.

  4. Class cancellation policy

    Classes cancelled 2 hours or less before class start time will be penalized.

    There will be a deduction of one class should there be a class cancellation done 2 hours or less before class start time or a no show.

    All class passes/packages are non-refundable.

    Our studios' opening hours are on the website, we will not be able to make changes to booking when we are closed. Please make sure you download the mindbody app so you can book and cancel your classes on the go. :)

  5. How is it different from Yoga & Pilates?

    Barre combines fundamental technique of dance, movement flow of Yoga and precise body awareness and principle of Pilates.

  6. Do I need a dance background?

    Everyone can benefit and enjoy barre classes at Barre Lab. We aim to create a safe environment. We work hard to structure an effective method to help sculpt the body.

  7. What method are we using?

    We have our own in-house method that combines a detailed oriented principle of Pilates, Yoga and Dance.

  8. What types of classes are there and how are they different?

    All classes are the same level as the technique was designed to work for people at all points on their fitness journey. That way, you can choose the class that suits your schedule, rather than being forced to work out at a specific time based on the level of class.

    Modifications and/or advancements are given for most exercises to accommodate all fitness levels.

    Barre Stretch is a full body, 60-minute class incorporating the toned and lengthened muscles of barre, the precision and core strengthening of Pilates and the mindfulness and flexibility of yoga.  It's designed to sculpt and lengthen all the major muscles groups of the body. This class offers passive and dynamic stretching techniques for the full body with the focus on the hips, legs & back and with many modifications. The pace is slowed down a bit to allow for lots of time to perfect your posture and your position.

    Barre101 debunks the stereotype that barre classes are only for dancers. Barre is for every age, every background, and every level of fitness. It’s easy on your joints and is totally customizable to make it as hard (or easy) as you want it to be.

    The key to getting great results through barre workouts is to have the right form.
    The focus of this class will be:

    ●  Focus on the form of the spine
    ●  Focus on the hip, knee and ankle alignment
    ●  Proper breathing technique
    ●  Positions of each exercises prior to progressing to barre stretch & flow

    BarreFlow, our signature class incorporates strength, endurance and flexibility into one invigorating workout.

    While every class follows a similar flowing format, the exercises and choreography are continually changing to keep you from reaching a workout plateau. By combining aspects of Yoga, Pilates, Barre fitness and classic strength training, focus on posture and form and the smooth transitions between exercises will help even the busy-minded student become more present as concentration is necessary to get the most out of this class.

    Barre Power class builds on from Barre 101 and is a combination of cardio, strength and conditioning which focuses on building muscle endurance, total body-toning and sculpting. The class expands on Barre 101 by providing a higher level of body conditioning by using props and the moves are choreographed to music. Expect to feel the burn, sweat while having fun in this high energy class. Prior barre classes experience is recommended before taking Barre Power class.

  9. Is there prenatal Barre?


    Led by teachers certified in prenatal exercise, Barre Lab Prenatal is a safe, effective and fun way to keep in shape throughout your pregnancy journey! Drawing from one of our core foundations in pilates, classes are designed to strengthen muscles without putting extra strain on the joints, while also maintaining a moderate pace to keep your heart rate under control.

    It’s also a great opportunity to meet other mummies in the community! Be sure to consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise.

  10. What do I need to bring to a Barre class?

    Yourself. Water bottles are for sale at $2 and towels are for rent at $2.

    Grippy socks are compulsory for classes.

  11. Can men join the class?