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Welcome to Barre Lab

The Barre Lab method is created to have the perfect harmony of yoga, dance and pilates. No prior experience required, however. All you need is a desire for a challenge and you will find yourself connected to the method no matter the fitness background you come from.

Choreographed with music and designed for a full body workout, there will never be a dull moment pulsing with us!


Join us! – Package Options

When you sign up for a package, you will have access to all Lab Studios classes and locations—Barre Lab­ and Yoga Lab, in-studio and virtual classes—so you can work out when and where you like, with ease and flexibility. Choose your package and book a class!

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Barre classes back at 4 locations in August!

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Reopening Guidelines for the 4th of July

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  1. What are the class options during this period?

    We have 3 ways for you to keep pulsing with us—in-studio, virtual or on-demand classes which will cater to any schedule and comfort level!


    For those who prefer working out in person, you can find our schedule and book in-studio barre classes on Mindbody under the following locations:

    Lab Studios Joo Chiat
    Lab Studios Duxton
    Lab Studios East Coast
    Lab Studios Dempsey


    Our online classes are here to stay! You can book DAILY virtual barre classes under Lab Studios Raffles on Mindbody and workout with us from home at your comfort!

    Alternatively, if you're looking for more flexibility to fit your schedule you may want to consider with our on-demand platform - Lab Studios Online. Join us on monthly subscription to get access to our ever-growing library of virtual classes! 10 NEW classes every week!

  2. How do I purchase a package?

    You can purchase in-studio and virtual class packages directly from your Mindbody app under "View Pricing" at any Lab Studios location, or click on the direct links at www.labstudios.com!

    On-demand subscription can be purchased from www.labstudiosonline.com.

    All of our packages are part of Lab Studios, and can be used at both Barre Lab and Yoga Lab!

  3. How do I book a class?

    You can find our classes here or download the MindBody app from Google Play or the App Store.

    Create an account, search for "Lab Studios" under businesses and start booking away!

    If you have any issues with MindBody, feel free to reach out to us at barre@labstudios.com. We are always here to help!

  4. Package Terms & Conditions

    All of our packages are part of Lab Studios, and can be used at both Barre Lab and Yoga Lab.


    All packages activates automatically on day of purchase. All packages will lapse and expire if not used after 6 months of purchase.


    Class Packs that are not expired can be extended for medical reasons/travel. Document support is mandatory. 

    Medical Certs: ⩾7 days
    Travels: ⩾7 days per trip

    Extension period is capped at 1 month for reasons stated above and 6 months for pregnancy. Newbie Trial and Unlimited Packages strictly cannot be extended.


    Expired Class Pack classes cannot be carried forward to new packages.


    All sales are final and strictly cannot be refunded.

  5. Class Cancellation Policy

    We understand that plans change and in the event you need to cancel your reservation, please do so at least 12 hours before in-studio classes, or 6 hours before virtual classes via MindBody so you won't be penalised.

  6. What is Barre?

    Barre fitness is a total body workout focused on small isometrics movements. Barre combines fundamental techniques of ballet, movement flow of Yoga, and precise body principle of Pilates which makes it an effective way to sculpt, and create a long, lean and toned body in ways that few other workouts can. It is low-impact but absolutely challenging!

  7. Do I need a dance background?

    Everyone can benefit and enjoy barre classes at Barre Lab. Absolutely no ballet, dance or pilates experience required. A desire for a low-impact challenge is all that you need! Have fun, and discover a new sense of grace and strength with us 💕

  8. Can men join barre classes?

    Yes of course! Barre works on any body type.

    1) The emphasis on tiny movements in barre works each muscle to its absolute edge making it a great way to enhance endurance and strengthen muscles!

    2) Most men have tight, stiff bodies and are not stretching enough; barre brings into play active and passive stretches making it easy to loosen up tight muscles and improve flexibility.

    There are incredible benefits and interesting challenges of barre for men that will surprise you when you start practicing!