We offer the best barre classes in Singapore for complete beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts. Sculpt a leaner and stronger body with the best workout today.

Barre Flow

Barre Flow is designed to challenge your strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination. Expect seamless transitions between exercises. Classes are choreographed to give you an invigorating workout. It's a ballet-inspired class for those who want to work on coordination and dance moves.

Barre 101

Barre 101 is a beginner class. These classes debunk the stereotype that barre classes are only for dancers. Barre is for all ages, backgrounds and levels of fitness. They are easy on your joints and is totally customizable to make it as tough (or easy) as you want it to be. Furthermore, they help you shed calories, burn fat and build lead muscle. Learn the basics and fundamentals of barre in our beginner classes in Singapore.

Barre Power

Building from Barre 101, the Barre Power class is a combination of cardio, strength and conditioning which focuses on building muscle endurance, total body-toning and sculpting. The class expands on Barre 101 by providing a higher level of body conditioning by using props and the moves are choreographed to music. Expect to feel the burn, sweat while having fun in this high energy class. Prior barre classes experience is recommended before taking Barre Power class.

Barre Stretch

Open to both beginners and advanced members, Barre stretch is a full body, 55 minute class focused on toning and lengthening major muscle groups. It marries the precision and core strengthening of Pilates and the mindfulness and flexibility of yoga. It teaches you how to stretch past your own limitations and improves blood circulation throughout the body. This class offers passive and dynamic stretching techniques for the whole body. The pace is slow in order to achieve proper technique.

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