A champion of holistic wellness, Betty believes it to be important to dedicate time for yourself and get some respite from a hectic or sedentary lifestyle. Despite having to juggle her work, and family with two kids, she never fails to slip in a feel-good yoga class or kick ass Barre Lab class or two to invigorate her senses and galvanise her to be more productive in other facets of life. Always a deeply empathetic teacher, she holds space for her students, allowing them to ensconce themselves in the sanctuary of the class.

Despite her wealth of knowledge, Betty sees the world through a “beginner’s mind”, embracing an attitude of openness and acknowledges that she can learn something valuable from everyone around her, including her two cheeky bubs.

Betty loves working out her abs, and Barre Lab moves that endows her perky peach and toned lean arms. Don’t mistaken her fitness regimen as austerity, you can probably bribe her sweet tooth with some cakes!

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A tenacious and bold leader herself, Jasmine is often inspired by strong women who refuse to allow life to harden them but instead empower themselves to subvert seemingly deterministic circumstances. She is not a stranger to pummelling against odds, making a difficult career change from a corporate job and establishing her own brand. She translates this to her instruction, leading her students through an empowering but healing practice each time she enters the studio.

Jasmine resonates with strong tastes and would love a cup of black coffee or sour plum drink any day. It is of no wonder that she relishes the burn in seated chair — perhaps a reflection of her gritty demeanour. In Jasmine’s classes, expect a mindful but strong practice accessible to all.

Beyond the studio, you might find her indulging in her not-so-occasional guilty pleasure — Bak Chor Mee.

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Fired by wanderlust, Jesslyn loves to be on the move.

It is of little wonder that she enjoys being in active wear and working up a good sweat in the studio. And her go-to choices of sweat are yoga flow and power, as well as barre classes. After all, she loves to challenge herself. As a teacher, she inspires students to challenge themselves, so expect to flirt with the limits of your body when attending her classes.

Jesslyn does not believe in sacrificing safety for fun, and she believes in having the best of both worlds. With her alignment-focused and intense classes, look forward to a safe and fun experience—against a backdrop of EDM beats.

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Hyphenated with multiple credentials, Jo is a personal trainer; F45 trainer; yoga teacher, and above all a Barre Instructor. But humbled by the pool of knowledge to unearth, she continues to develop and broaden her repertoire of skills in different physical disciplines.

As a teacher, Jo believes in providing a fun and safe space for her students. Jo advocates greatly on form and alignment, so expect to hear a lot of alignment cues in her classes. She loves seeing students coming in for classes regularly and working hard towards their goals, and their hard work inspires her in turn.

Jo’s personal choice of sweat is Barre Power. And for those who love lunges and core work, we hear Jo loves them too!

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Leandra is deeply drawn to how the Barre Lab Method emphasises on healthy alignment and targeted isometric contractions of the different body parts without diluting the fun factor. Her favourite part of the sequence is the upper body workout — small, controlled movements and pulses that make her work up a big sweat. And she loves walking with her students on this journey inward and observing how the landscape of the terrains in their bodies transform with this strong practice.

An extremely patient teacher, few things can rile her save a cup of bad coffee. She constantly finds inspiration in her students — often through the little things — how they never stop trying despite being so tired; witnessing them reach a new peak in their practice; or simply seeing them show up to the practice. She understands most ladies may be worried about getting she-hulk arms, so her classes are designed in a way that will give you all the toning you’d need sans the bulk!

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Fond of negotiating with balance both in the movement discipline and in life, Nariko’s favourite Barre Lab move would be Attitude on releve, and her favourite movie Spirited Away indeed echoes this gorgeous fairy-tale like sentimentality. And she shares her love for the ethereal with her students, guiding them on their personal journey of physical and emotional growth by engaging in meaningful conversations with their own bodies.

A loveable instructor and an endearing daughter, she looks up to her mother as her inspiration. When she is not in the studio you might find her plugging in to some good jazz or contemporary music or playing computer games. She is not sedentary at all and dedicates time to work out her core as she believes it to be important to a healthy posture and pain free body.

Be warned! We hear it is not only her own core Nariko loves to workout.

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A passion for dance and a love for challenging herself with different workouts shaped Shervon’s practice and teaching. Her classes weave a cocktail of best practices from different disciplines. And when she is not teaching, you will find her in dance, Barre, or HIIT classes.

Shervon is inspired by people who work hard, and likewise she inspires her students in gainful effort. You can be sure she’ll work your legs and hamstrings hard as well; those are her favourite parts to work out.

Shervon is a little weird, a little dramatic, and cracks inappropriate jokes—a playful combination in person and in her classes. Expect to sweat it out and push yourself a little further everytime with Shervon in the house!

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A Yogi at heart and a wanderluster by nature, Tricia enjoys weaving the balance between being centred and embracing the thrills of travel and new experiences. She’s a true lover of life and is always excited to tackle new challenges. And to work out!

Tricia is both a yoga teacher and a barre instructor. Through mindful movement with Barre, and her commitment to practice, she has kept her severe scoliosis condition from aggravating. Her classes are creative and inspired by the flows in motion with an emphasis on technique, alignment and breathing. Guaranteed to give you that burn! (It’s no secret that her favourite body part to work out is core).

She loves the uninhibited candidness of people—true to themselves and simply glowing with their beaming vibes. She admires those who pick themselves up, dust themselves off and keep moving forward in spite of adversity. And seeing her students become stronger versions of themselves warms her heart.


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Vanessa is driven by a fiery passion for dance. She identifies herself first and foremost as a dancer. She has a zeal for life and expression, and is inspired by the ones who are unafraid to go the distance for their dreams. Likewise, she continues to forge on in her journey as a freelance dancer-educator-instructor-choreographer. And she’s looking to add the profession of an entrepreneur to this list of hyphenates.

You will find more hyphenates in her fitness background. Pilates and Yoga are amongst other disciplines she enjoys. But Barre is her choice of sweat, and she is a firm believer of the benefits of Barre as she finds the conditioning the workout gives to be especially helpful. In her classes, you will find her sharing precise and efficient alignment, and weaving a grounding sense of mindfulness and breath awareness.

Beyond the studio, you might just find her on a food hunt. She’s a foodie! And fries—especially truffle fries and sweet potato fries—are her absolute favourites.


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Ever the positive ball of energy, Winny brings smiles to everyone with her upbeat outlook and light character. She’d always love a good fun time with her students, and her high energy in classes empowers her students to power through that silent killer burn. 

Her biggest inspiration is Martha Graham, an American modern dancer and choreographer. She’s inspired by Graham’s character and legacy in the dance world. Winny finds truth in Graham’s quote, “The body says what words cannot.” And she aspires to unlock the power of body and movement both in herself and in her students.

Her favorite tagline is “soft smiles on your faces” because everyone always look so serious in class! Though we wouldn’t lie, it’s hard to keep a smile with all that burn!


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