Leandra is deeply drawn to how the Barre Lab Method emphasises on healthy alignment and targeted isometric contractions of the different body parts without diluting the fun factor. Her favourite part of the sequence is the upper body workout — small, controlled movements and pulses that make her work up a big sweat. And she loves walking with her students on this journey inward and observing how the landscape of the terrains in their bodies transform with this strong practice.

An extremely patient teacher, few things can rile her save a cup of bad coffee. She constantly finds inspiration in her students — often through the little things — how they never stop trying despite being so tired; witnessing them reach a new peak in their practice; or simply seeing them show up to the practice. She understands most ladies may be worried about getting she-hulk arms, so her classes are designed in a way that will give you all the toning you’d need sans the bulk!