A champion of holistic wellness, Betty believes it to be important to dedicate time for yourself and get some respite from a hectic or sedentary lifestyle. Despite having to juggle her work, and family with two kids, she never fails to slip in a feel-good yoga class or kick ass Barre Lab class or two to invigorate her senses and galvanise her to be more productive in other facets of life. Always a deeply empathetic teacher, she holds space for her students, allowing them to ensconce themselves in the sanctuary of the class.

Despite her wealth of knowledge, Betty sees the world through a “beginner’s mind”, embracing an attitude of openness and acknowledges that she can learn something valuable from everyone around her, including her two cheeky bubs.

Betty loves working out her abs, and Barre Lab moves that endows her perky peach and toned lean arms. Don’t mistaken her fitness regimen as austerity, you can probably bribe her sweet tooth with some cakes!