A Yogi at heart and a wanderluster by nature, Tricia enjoys weaving the balance between being centred and embracing the thrills of travel and new experiences. She’s a true lover of life and is always excited to tackle new challenges. And to work out!

Tricia is both a yoga teacher and a barre instructor. Through mindful movement with Barre, and her commitment to practice, she has kept her severe scoliosis condition from aggravating. Her classes are creative and inspired by the flows in motion with an emphasis on technique, alignment and breathing. Guaranteed to give you that burn! (It’s no secret that her favourite body part to work out is core).

She loves the uninhibited candidness of people—true to themselves and simply glowing with their beaming vibes. She admires those who pick themselves up, dust themselves off and keep moving forward in spite of adversity. And seeing her students become stronger versions of themselves warms her heart.