Vanessa is driven by a fiery passion for dance. She identifies herself first and foremost as a dancer. She has a zeal for life and expression, and is inspired by the ones who are unafraid to go the distance for their dreams. Likewise, she continues to forge on in her journey as a freelance dancer-educator-instructor-choreographer. And she’s looking to add the profession of an entrepreneur to this list of hyphenates.

You will find more hyphenates in her fitness background. Pilates and Yoga are amongst other disciplines she enjoys. But Barre is her choice of sweat, and she is a firm believer of the benefits of Barre as she finds the conditioning the workout gives to be especially helpful. In her classes, you will find her sharing precise and efficient alignment, and weaving a grounding sense of mindfulness and breath awareness.

Beyond the studio, you might just find her on a food hunt. She’s a foodie! And fries—especially truffle fries and sweet potato fries—are her absolute favourites.